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Letters to the Editor
point An Ideal Father (sent 2008; Y5B, 2006-07)

Job-Application Letters
point Isa de Soto's (Y5B & C, 2007-08)
point Sara's application for a job as a camp monitor (Y5B, 2013-14)
point Iratxe's job-application letter (Y5B, 2013-14)
point Carmen's job application as a gardening teacher (Y5B, 2013-14)
Josefina's job application as a tourist guide (Y5CAL, 2013-14)
point Alicia's job application as a psychologist (Y5A, 2013-14)
point Marisol's job applicatin as a freelance sales assistant manager (Y5A, 2013-14)
point Sergio's job application as a Trip Leader (Y5CAL, 2013-14)

Thanking, inviting, giving news about yourself
Clara's letter to her host family (Intermediate 1E, 2007-08)
point Ernesto's letter to the family who is going to host him (Y2E, 2005-06)

Asking people to do you a favo(u)r

point Josephine's letter (Y5CAL, 2013-14)
point Pedro's letter asking his old host family to help a friend (Y5A, 2013-14) + brainstorming and outline

Giving information about oneself
point Juanda's letter telling about himself (Y2, 2005-06)

Complaint Letters (Formal Letters)

point Miguel's (C1, 2014-15) New!
point Julia A's (Y3B, 2006-07)
point Rebeca's (Y3B, 2005-06)

Inquiry letters / Requesting information
point on a course, by Ernesto (Y2E, 2005-06)
point on a trip, by Javier (Y2B, 2005-06)