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Letters to Editor: An Ideal Father
By Nieves (sent in November 2008; Y5B student in 2006-07)

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Note by michelle: On November 21, 2008, Nieves’s dad died. I mentioned the possibility of her sending us the beautiful Letter to the Editor that she wrote about her father in November 2006, at the beginning of her English course that year, when we had just met.

Nieves's Dad



A Letter to the Editor

I am writing in response to your article about  the declining role in the family of fathers today. I feel that it was most unfair. There are many ideal fathers. Actually, I would like to write about my own father.

He was born in Goya street in 1920. He fought in the Civil War in 1936, when he was a teenager. He saved his life twice, so he is a survivor. He is a model father and what makes him a caring parent is his patience since I have been a very naughty girl. When we were children, he was always solving our family problems among siblings. When I had an argument with my mother, he asked me to apologize and promise her “I wouldn’t do it again”. He has been a very good father taking care of my three sisters, my two brothers and my mother. He was always encouraging us to study hard to do a degree. He spent his spare time with us: teaching and helping us with homework. Every Saturday we used to go riding our bycicles to the Retiro Park and he taught us to share things and to be happy playing with each another. He was always happy after an exhausting job at the Social Security offices. Moreover, he has contributed to maintaining family values as well as religious values. On Sundays, my parents and my siblings used to go to church (close to our house). We also used to pray before lunch.

Nowadays, he enjoys staying with his grandchildren so he is and ideal grandfather, too. My younger brother has three children and he is an ideal father as well. He has learned from my father.

Overall, I think that I most admire my father’s selfless life, his serenity and his ability to solve problems. Who could ask for a better father?

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