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Listening to the language you want to learn is crucial for learning the language and/or keeping your level up. You can't depend on meeting native people, so you should be finding independent ways to listen to English every day.

If you don't listen to English every day, you'll never be a good user of the language - it's logical!

What can you find on Talking People to help you develop your Listening Comprehension skill?

Methodology: Learn to listen!
bullet How to Learn to Listen/from Listening: it includes useful tips and the description of varied techniques to learn how to listen, and to develop your listening skill, including listening comprehension techniques useful for exams too and "Ideas on activities & resources". Check also the C1 Resource Pack

Resources: Get free audios of all kinds!
bullet Audios - Podcasts: you will find links to the TP Podcast and to other podcasts both for ESL learners (people learning English) and for English speakers. [There is also a third section called "Exercises (designed by michelle) with free podcasts"]
bullet Audios - Useful Language: with frequent link to the TP Podcast. Texts to listen to and repeat.
It includes this page for Elementary students
bullet Audios – Music: it also includes listening activities with worksheets from Your Stuff! (left- side navbar).
bullet Literature: you'll find our  and  symbols to indicate which authors have audios in our site
bullet The World -
People & Culture: but you'll find many audios/videos in all of the 4 sections


audio [ audio ] files
audiovisual [ audiovisual ] files

Get more ideas for activities and resources! Check out…
bullet Skills - Speaking: it includes contents such as Pronunciation (e.g. of the -ed ending) and Dialogues (e.g. phone conversations)