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Your Teacher's notes to help you learn to listen and learn to succeed in listening comprehension activities...

Techniques developed in class by YT
bullet Check out Valéria's Learning Diary on a Listening Activity
bullet Ideas on Resources & Activities: Basic Ideas to Become an Effective Learner
bullet Ideas on Equipment
bullet Ways of Listening
bullet How to Learn Using Audiovisuals
bullet Listening Comprehension: Skimming & Scanning (1)
bullet The Skeleton of Meaning Technique - on its way!
bullet Using textual structure in oral texts to decipher meaning - meanwhile see this
bullet Listening and Our Verbal Intelligence worddoc (1 page)
bullet Self-dictations
bullet Taking dictations in class

bullet Active Listening external link
bullet Types of Listening external link

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More ideas: How to Hear English Everywhere external linkaudio
Under Skills, the Listening subsection, and then the whole Audio section.
Also, the Scripts and Literature subsections under Library.
Finally, in HotPotatoes and More Exercises, you'll find listening comprehension exercises. Design your own