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Beating Heart! The World of Reading Aloud - Some Ideas & Materials for Reading Aloud

Reading Resources (to improve/simplify)
Sections What?
Exercises Reading Comprehension Exercises
Articles Interesting articles and some exercises on those articles.
How to Learn Reading Comprehension Strategies/Techniques
Literature Short stories & Poems
Excerpt from Novels. Also, all the writers with works here or at external links to places where you can download free books.
The World Check out all its sections!
Your Stuff!
bullet Your Texts
Texts written by English students
Course Blogs external link + C1 Materials You can practice lots on them!
How to Learn Texts dealing with study and learning strategies and techniques
Forum external link You can read (and write!) posts at our forum, too.
Experimenting... Write a story, without having written it!!! and READ IT

Connected topics: Book Reviews (Writing & Your Stuff! - Your Texts)

Carmen lee
Who said teenagers don't read? c. 2005!
Of course, they read in weird places, but the actually READ!