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2005 BBC News Items - Listening - Exercises

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How to use this material
pointPrint the Word pages
with the exercises
point Before you listen, read the text. Try to predict the kind of words the gap needs, brainstorm on synomyns.
point Get the audio
: the list with the link is below.
point First Listening
: Skim the text, just listen, relax. Try to identify the topic, the characters involved, the context. Visualize the story.
point Second and Third Listenings
: scan for the answers and fill in the gaps. Don't worry if you need to listen to the story three times or more. Write down how many times you needed to fill in all the gaps.
point Check your answers

14 BBC 2005 news items Word doc (5 pages)

Audios for the 14 BBC 2005 news items

01. Listen! Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks dies external link
02. Listen! UNICEF report on education external link
03. Listen! World slow to face bird flu threat external link
04. Listen! Storm season ends external link
05. Listen! Spain's greenhouse gas problem external link
06. Listen! IMF discuss debt relief for 20 countries external link
07. Listen! London bomb attacks external link
08. Listen! New York subway search external link
09. Listen! Scientists study violence external link
10. Listen! Israel begins Gaza Strip pull-out external link
11. Listen! Aids continues to spread external link
12. Listen! Royal Mail prize for coming to work external link
13. Listen! The Oscars external link
14. Listen! New European anti-smoking campaign external link

Answer Key
Answers 1-14

More Training
Designing Reading Comprehension Activities
(small groups)
Write 4 comprehension questions for each item - 2 questions should be on general comprehension (skimming) and the other 2 on specific information (scanning).
Send your Comprehension Questions (and answer key).