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Skills - Reading/Writing - Experimenting!

Write a Story! Java Script

READING what the machine WRITES using the data you give it!
Fill in the form and see what story you get. It's always the same story, but it's fun to do once!
You can select all the story and copy it and paste it in a Word doc in your computer.

Fill-in each of the following empty fields using your own personal data
and then click on "Write Story."

First Name: Something to Hide Behind:
Last Name: Friend's First Name:
Male or Female: A Piece of Furniture:
Age: A word expressing Anger:
Mother's First Name: Your Favorite Beverage:
Your Favorite Color: A Room in Your House:
Your City: Your Favorite Hobby:
Your State: Your Father's Name:
Type of animal: Your Favorite Store:
Favorite TV Show: Word to Describe Someone's Rear-End: