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News Summer 2014: Broken links to the EOI Getafe website: The school decided to remove the work by about 300 students when they created a new website arguing no one was interested - I have a copy of those writings, so I will try to publish them here. When I do so, I will delete the reference to this school. I keep it now as a reminder of pending work.

point Celebration of Learning Magazines! New!

point Articles

Creative Writing
point Poems
Creative Writing by EOI Getafe students

Descriptive Texts
point Reviews
Travel Guides
point Travel Guides & Narratives by EOI Getafe students - Broken link
point Reports
point Proposals by EOI Getafe students

Descriptive / Narrative

point Feminist Biographies. I Semana Cultural Feminista 2019
point Biographies by EOI Getafe students
point Stories
point Life experiences by EOI Getafe students

Argumentative & Speculative Texts
point Essays
point Reasoned Opinions

Hypothetical language (expressing wishes, imagining situations)
Argumentative & Speculative Writings by EOI Getafe students

Instructional Texts
point Recipes
point Letter-Writing
Letter-Writing by EOI Getafe students


point Articles (merge with the other)
point The World of Work
point Summaries: Nieves's on Therapy

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