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bullet Writing your CV/resumé worddoc (1 page) (intro)
bullet Seven Tips for Effective CV/Resumé Writing: It includes a Reading Comprehension exercise: Which information in this text is useful for you? (scanning for practical matters) and a Writing exercise: Write a letter to a friend informing her/him about this (language functions: giving advice, especially).
bullet Useful Language for Writing CVs/Resumés
bullet Tips for writing your CV or resumé (1): notes from Jobtrak

bullet Textual Analysis 02: "Hiya, potential boss!!!" Overview of types of texts

bullet Template for Job Application letters (cover letters) worddoc (1 page)
bullet Useful Language for Writing Job Application Letters

bullet Useful Language in Formal Letters
bullet Useful Language in Letter Writing

bullet Everything on TP connected to the world of work can be found on this table of contents at our section The World - People & Culture - The World of Work

bullet Reading Comprehension strategies (< How to Learn)
bullet Language Functions - Hedging (< Useful Language)

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What Is a Cover Letter? external link (OWL)
Preparing to Write a Cover Letter external link (OWL)
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Introduction to Resumes external link (OWL) - see Navigation > Job-Search Writing for more.
Tutoring a resume external link (OWL)
Academic cover letters external link (OWL) - which are NOT Business Cover Letters! Scroll down to read theory after skipping the example, which I have added below, anyway.
Sample academic job-application letter pdfexternal link (3 pages) (OWL) - with explanatory points
Action Verbs to Describe Skills, Jobs, & Accomplishments in Employment Documents external link (OWL)
Job Skills Checklist external link (OWL) - scroll down after the blank page

Examples external link on Jobtrak. Compare these CVs with the models Spanish publishing houses suggest in their bilingual dictionaries, or with those you’ll find in your word processor. Talk to people about how they design their CVs. See Job-Application Letters external link

7 examples of resumés at Jobtrak External Link
Sample Cover-Letters for Job-Seekers External Link