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Writing Project - Projects

This project goes as follows:

Would you like to have a Writing File, where you could find information on how to write different kinds of texts? Well, that's what I'm trying to do in order to develop the Writing section on this website, but it's a huge project, so contributions are welcome. You can do it anyway, using your textbooks: browse for the theory and the examples on different kinds of texts, work on it, put your file together!

In case you want to share that work with us, you can contribute in different ways:

So far, people's contributions are listed in our Thanks! (Credits) section

You can check out various sections here to find examples of all of this:

  1. link Writing: Letter-Writing, Narratives, Argumentative Texts, Descriptions, The World of newspapers, Instructional texts... Plus its Practice section.
  2. link Useful Language - with some web pages with audios!
  3. link Your Stuff! - Your Texts: with examples
  4. link Reading