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The purpose of narrative text is to entertain, to tell a story, or to provide an aesthetic literary experience. Narrative text is based on life experiences and is person-oriented using dialogue and familiar language. Its structure uses that of stories. The genres that fit the narrative text structure are: folktales (e.g. wonder tales, fables, legends, myths, realistic tales), contemporary fiction, mysteries, SF, realistic fiction, historical fiction

A Story Map



The place


The beings involved


Bloody hell! There's always a problem! Or say, the knot, the source of tension



The action that takes place
The middle of a narrative is organized around a plot: initiating events, subsequent events, rising excitement and climax (the high point in the story where the problem is solved). Included in these events may be some roadblocks that the character encounters while attempting to solve the problem.



Solving the problem or just its outcome or ending



The point of the story?

Write your story...
So you can be clear about your story before you start writing, brainstorm using this grid. The title may come to you at the beginning or at the end!

Form or genre
Initiating event
Next event(s)

When you sort this out, write your story and check it. Read it aloud. Send it in or bring it to class! See stories published in Your Stuff!

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