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Here is a selection of interesting people or groups. Help's welcome with organizing and developing this section! :)

Selection of Reading/Listening materials:
bullet Learning from/about Black people worddoc (1 page) bullet Learning from/about Native/American Indian people worddoc (1 page)

People helping to make the world a better place People having a hard time...

bullet Angela Davis (and Prisons) (Feb 2015) - under construction
bullet HIlma af Klint, a pioneer of abstract art - forgot to link - link!!!!
bullet Howard Clark & Nonviolent Struggle (activist) (Jan 2014)
bullet Books! (for stories, poems, etc. see Literature above, too)
bullet Eve Ensler & the Vagina Monologues
bullet American Indian People - check it out! Amazing work
bullet Jewish & Arab together - Palestina / Israel
bullet Ayaan Hirsi (politician/activist - freedom of speech!)
bullet Vanessa Redgrave (actress, activist)
bullet Rachel Corrie & Palestina (activist)
bullet Georgia O'Keeffe (painter)
bullet Lenny Bruce (comedian)
bullet Thomas Edison (inventor, by Nieves, Y5B, 2006-07)
bullet Marvin Harris (anthropologist)
bullet Apologies Accepted! (people!)
bullet The Mass Media & Democracy (by Miguel Oyarbide, Y4F, 2004-05)
bullet Modern Art (by Rosario, Y5C, 2006-07)
bullet The Black Triangle (by Encarna, Y5C, 2006-07)
bullet Audrey Hepburn (actress)
bullet Barack Obama (politician)

bullet Prisons & People In Prison (Feb 2015)
bullet Some notes on blacks, whites and romanis (for michelle's Av2 students)
bullet 5 young people who served prison sentences external link (audio and transcript)
bullet Life in the Ghetto, 30 mins download external link (audio and transcript)
bullet Child soldiers (Red Hand Day) bullet Advertising bullet Cruelty
bullet African girl who works in NYC: "News Girl" external link by Tara Milutis. a 3-min. story.

More: External Links
bullet Hugs For Free External Link (sent by Encarna, Y5C, 2006-07)
bullet The Story Behind the Symbol External Link
bullet Sam Harris External Link (neurologist & philosopher)
bullet Joseph Stiglitz External Link (economist)
bullet I got this email from Alfredo (Y5C, 2007-08):You have to check out this page... it's incredible, it talks about justice. You can recomend it to my mates if you want... It gives you another vision of justice (I don't know if this is true or not, though...). Check the different sections on the right.
They are incredible: The Civil Justice Theater external link Greetings
Other stuff...
bullet The World of Work
bullet The World of YouTube peeps!
bullet A US/Corean st. saying a poem & explaining why she likes it so much (More: Poems)
bullet Calamity Jane (explorer)
bullet Billie Holiday (incl. audios)
bullet Beckam external link (BBC) 2 videos and 1 audio interview (football player)
bullet Kennedy external link National Portrait Gallery: pics and audios you can download
bullet Interviews bullet Humor bullet Objects bullet Games
bullet Radios bullet At our Podcast section, you can find tons of people, too.
An example here: the Women's Hour Podcast

Just remember there are stories by and about people all over this website:Movies...
More interesting people at Traveling

50 amazing but completely useless facts external link turulat

bullet For Gregory Peck (actor) see our To Kill a Mockingbird webpage < Harper Lee < Writers < Literature < Library