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Movies - Audiovisuals

The Daily Script external link: movie scripts - find your favorite movie and use its script to learn English: listen and repeat, read and then watch without reading, etc.
The Weekly Script external link: with comments

Actors and actresses with a little webpage here:
bullet Audrey Hepburn
bullet Vanessa Redgrave

Movies to work with throughout the year
bullet Bewitched (USA, 2005) - Suggested Movie
High Fidelity (USA, 2000) - Suggested Movie and Reading
The Day the Earth Stood Still (USA, 1951) - Suggested Reading for all
bullet Better than Sex (Australia, 2000)
bullet Casablanca (USA, 1942) - Suggested Movie/Reading
bullet Breakfast at Tiffany's (USA, 1961)
bullet To Kill a Mockingbird (USA, 1962) - under construction
bullet The Vagina Monologues (International, updated every year)
bullet Grease (USA, 1978) - plus script by scenes Suggested Movie/Reading

Favorite Scenes (send in yours with your comment!)
Singing in the Rain
bullet Pulp Fiction: the Dancing scene

More suggested scripts/movies (not printer-friendly like the ones above. If you wish to prepare a printer-friendly version, please get in touch):
bullet Shrek external link Suggested Movie/Reading (easier than others)
From The Weekly Script external link (brief comment before script): The African Queen, All About Eve, All the President's Men, American Beauty, American Graffiti, Annie Hall.
From The Daily Script:
bullet 2001 - A Space Odyssey external link (Kubrick, 1968)
bullet The Fifth Element external link (1997)
bullet The Addams Family external link (156 pages) Suggested Movie/Reading
bullet American Beauty external link (1999) Suggested Movie/Reading
bullet Antz external link (1998)
The Apartment external link (Billy Wilder, 1960)
bullet Blade Runner external link (1981)
bullet The Big Sleep external link (1946) (pdf file 173 pages) (on Raymond Chandler's novel, script by Faulkner et al!)
bullet Dances with Wolves external link (1990) (pdf file 133 pages) Suggested Movie/Reading
bullet Dead Poets Society (1989)
bullet The Flinstones (1987) (pdf file 125 pages)
bullet Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark external link (1981)(pdf file 105 pages)
bullet Kiss of the Spider Woman external link (1985) (Manuel Puig's novel into English!) (pdf file 116 pages)
bullet The Matrix external link (1999) (pdf file 133 pages)
bullet One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest external link (1975)
bullet The Planet of Apes external link (1967)
bullet The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes external link (Billy Wilder, 1970)(pdf file 140 pages) Suggested Movie/Reading
bullet Rebel without a Cause external link (1955)
bullet Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves external link (1991) (pdf file 133 pages)
bullet Sex, Lies and Videotapes external link (1989)
bullet Spanglish external link (2004) (pdf file 129 pages)
bullet Strangers on a Train external link (1951) (pdf file 148 pages; with bookmarks)
bullet The Talented Mr Ripley external link (1999) (Patricia Highsmith)
bullet Thelma & Louise external link (1991)
bullet Trainspotting external link (1996)
bullet Vertigo external link (1958)
bullet You've Got Mail external link (1998)

Audios from movies to listen & repeat!

to read aloud and listen and repeat!

Free Movies
external link Here is a selection:
bullet The Phantom of the Opera external link (1925; 1h46')
bullet The Time Machine external link (1960, 1h45')
bullet Yellow Submarine external link (1968, 1h25')
bullet 4 Buster Keaton Shorts external link (2h10')
bullet Chaplin: Modern Times external link (1936, 1h20')

Educational Movies

(For learning activities, more ideas...)

Musicals: Hair, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, The Worst Witch
SciFi: Blade Runner
Movies based on books: Fried Green Tomatoes (check out the Workshop on Writers at our Literature section), Hamlet, To Kill a Mockingbird
More: Barefoot in the Park, Shrek, Life of Brian, Little Women (classic and modern versions)