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Library - Scripts

List of Scripts we can work with
Dramatized Readings
- Complete Scripts
Speaking/Listening Activities
Using Scripts in Class or at Home

The Script Project
Proposal by Miguel H (Y5C, 06-07) about the British TV series A Bit of Fry and Laurie.

Movies. Free scripts
bullet The Daily Script external link
Check out Movies for more...

TV series - Free Scripts
bullet Some TV scripts External Link (The Daily Script)
bullet X-Files, Seasons 1-9 External Link
bullet The Simpsons, Seasons 1-16 External Link

BBC Learning English: The Flatmates external link

High Fidelity (YouTube videos + Script)
Casablanca (YouTube videos + Script)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (free downloadable movie + script)

TV Series
* = episodes used in class in dramatized reading

* Season 1, episode 1 Word doc (5 pages)
* Season 1, episode 2 Word doc (4 pages)
Season 1, episode 3 Word doc (4 pages)
Season 1, episode 7 Word doc (4 pages)
How I Met Your Mother
*Season 1, episode 1 Word doc (4 pages, orig. 58 External Link!!)
*Season 1, episode 2 Word doc (4 pages)

The Vagina Monologues (scripts, websites, audios and YouTube videos)

Check out our Podcast section, particularly Podcasts used in class

Scripts at Your Stuff! < Your Activities...
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< Documentaries
< TV Series

Scripts used in Listening Activities on TP Exercises

Find the script you need to practice dramatized reading at home, and develop your fluency and improve your pronunciation.

Find your favorites! Suggest listening/reading aloud activities in class.
Prepare a listening activity after transcribing a scene you like in a TV series, movie or documentary.
Make the suggestion we do a dramatized reading in class on one of your favorite movie scenes!