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American Indigenous Peoples - Nature & Culture


This TP section The World - People & Culture - will collect everything on this website on American Indian People. The TP blog called Dakota in Spain external link is a support blog, where you can post your comments, and where you can make proposals of topics you would like to learn about or suggest terms for its glossary.

On the Talking People Podcast, there are three audios based on work by authors here: a poem by Joy Harjo, another by Dian Million and a Coyote Story external link (Jan. 2014)



Why did we start this Project?
List of Resources)

TP Webpages on American Indigenous People(s)

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples New!

green Tiffany Midge - poet (2023)
green Connie Fife - poet (2018)
green Dian Million - poet - at last! we found her on the Net! (2012)
green Joy Harjo - poet, musician, activist
green Sherman Alexie - writer
green Mary Brave Bird - activist and writer, autobiography Lakota Woman
(updated Jan 2014)
green Buffy Sainte-Marie - singer, songwriter, composer, activist
green Leonard Peltier - activist
(updated Jan 2014)

From the Dakota in Spain Project...

green StoryTelling - tales, myths, legends...
green Annie Mae external link - activist - murdered
green Wounded Knee external link - events
green Three Young Poets and Four Poems external link

green The Long Walk. Tears of the Navajo, a movie. Check out this Harry Walters Interview external link about it