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In 2007 I started reading, listening to, and watching words, works by American/Native Indians, because suddenly I realized I didn't know what had happened to them, after the genocidal attempts by the US American government. I did find them, and wow!!! So now I'm trying to publish here examples of their work so that you can all learn about it, from it. Here's all I've got at home, in case you wish to get some of this stuff or borrow it from me, to write a little review about it (I won't be lending anything if I don't get something in exchange!!! Barter!!!)

I need to link/write to all the publishers, but I've already worked on some...

Books DVDs & CDs

punto Reinventing the Enemy's Language. Contemporary Native Women's Writings of North America external link (prose and poetry), edited by Joy Harjo and Gloria Bird

punto Lakota Woman external link (autobiography) by Mary Crow Dog

punto In Mad Love & War external link (poems) by Joy Harjo
punto The Woman Who Fell from the Sky external link (poems) by Joy Harjo
punto How We Became Human external link (poems) by Joy Harjo

punto Smoke Signals external link (screenplay) by Sherman Alexie
punto The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian external link (diary) by Sherman Alexie
punto Ten Little Indians external link (stories) by Sherman Alexie
punto Reservation Blues external link (novel) by Sherman Alexie
punto The Toughest Indian in the World external link (stories) by Sherman Alexie
punto The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven external link (stories) by Sherman Alexie

punto The Winona LaDuke Reader. A Collection of Essential Writings (articles)
punto Last Standing Woman (novel) by Winona LaDuke

punto I am Woman. A Native perspective on Sociology and Feminism (articles) by Lee Maracle
punto Every Day Is a Good Day Reflections by Conteporary Indigenous Women (prose) by Wilma Mankiller

punto Prison Writings. My Life Is My Sun Dance (autobiography) by Leonard Peltier

punto The Trail of Tears. The Story of the American Indian Removals 1813-1855 (history) by Gloria Jahoda
punto Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. An Indian History of the American West (history) by Dee Brown

punto They Dance in the Sky. Native American Star Myths (myths, comments) by Jean Guard Monroe and Ray A. Williamson

punto Traditional Native American Arts & Activities (projects, recipes, games) by Arlette N. Braman

punto Spider Woman's Web. Traditional Native American Tales About Women's Power (stories and comments) by Susan Hazen-Hammond
punto Daughters of Copper Woman (stories) by Anne Cameron

punto Smoke Signals (movie)
punto Hanta Po. All of You Out of My Way. A Historical Photographic Essay on the American Indian Movement (documentary) by Dick Bancroft
punto The Spirit of Annie Mae external link by the National Film Board of Canada (documentary)
punto Wounded Heart. Pine Ridge and the Sioux (documentary) by Blue Wood Films
punto American Indian Forum on Racism in Sports and Media (documentary) ¿by American Indian Movement?
punto Thunderheart external link (movie)