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People & Culture - Apologies Accepted

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We're SO sorry! I tried! Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds -Albert Einstein
I'm sorry. I tried
Einstein quote
The USA is not Bush
We'll keep fighting
Most sincere apologies
Can we crash at your place? Dear World,
Our bad. We're really sorry.
Two members of the 18-24 year group who DID vote!
PS: Can we crash at your place?
Misinformed I'm sorry that 51% of Americans are uninformed, misinformed, blind and clueless.
What have we done?
We failed!
80% of New Yorkers tried
not to screw you over...
We failed. Sorry.
Embarassed The election results are embarassing AND frightening. We will continue to try and WAKE-UP our fellow Americans to the fact that this planet has to work for, to fully include, ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.
All brothers, all sisters everywhere
War Mongers Dear World,
I'm so sorry so many Americans are willfully ignorant, selfish war mongers. There are many others of us who will continue to work for peace & justice.
Love and Hope

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