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1. Getting Started! What is a Podcast?

2. Picking Your Podcasts: What kind of podcasts do you need?

  • bullet The Talking People Podcast - Direct link to Episodes for Elementary students
  • bullet Suggested EFL & Language Podcasts - Podcasts to learn English. Intermediate students should listen everyday to some of this material, to get used to the language, learn to listen and understand. Upper intermediate/advanced students can use them to avoid making basic grammar mistakes (improving production) and consolidate the listening skill. There are also useful podcasts for teachers.
  • bullet Podcasts in English. Intermediate students could start listening to this material every now and then. Upper intermediate/advanced students should get used to listening to this type of material. You don't have to understand it all. If the audio is 20' or more, it'll be great if you practice skimming & the skeleton of meaning approach!
  • bulletpointbullet News, Interviews, Reviews & Talk Shows
  • bulletpointbullet Science, Nature & Environmental Issues - updated March 2012
  • bulletpointbullet Stories - new links!

3. Podcast episodes with exercises we designed for them