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Lydia (Y5B, 06-07) gave an oral presentation in class last November 2006, recommending the following podcast: English as a Second Language Podcast external link

If you subscribe to this podcast, you get 15 minutes of audios every day (US American English from LA, California). There are three kinds of audios:

bullet the ESL Podcast, which includes a "slow dialogue", then some explanations, and finally a "fast dialogue" at a native rate of speech (this one is best for Intermediate learners),
bullet the English Café, a radio program at a natural conversational speed,

Here is the list of all the podcasts external link you can listen to and download before subscribing, to see if it's good for you.

bullet and a kind of literature section: English Through Stories external link for advanced speakers.

The ESL Podcast can be complemented by the Learning Guide, which provides an additional 8-10 pages of explanations, examples, and information to help you understand each podcast even better and learn more, but you need to pay a small fee.

Selected Episodes - no transcripts unless you pay, but there is some vocabulary

audio Listen From the English Café section, Woodstock Music Festival external link
audio Listen From the ESL Podcast, Giving Bad News & Condolenses external link, Describing People's Looks external link

episode 261 external link - Describing people's personalities. A dialogue. Intermediate
Google's World Library!!! (+ Clint Eastwood; the difference bt "village, neigbourhood, suburbs...") - Intermediate. ESL Podcast, English Café, episode 80 external link