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A Pathetic Explanation of How to Subscribe to Podcasts
By michelle (nov 2007)
I don't know much about all this, so I learned the most common way to do things.

You'll be working with 2 different things: your desktop and the iTunes program, and then the Internet and the podcasts you check out.

STEP 1. You need to download (it's free) the iTunes program external link When you are checking out the former link, click on the blue button "Download iTunes free". You have to "Save" it (create a folder for that). You should get this icon on your desktop (escritorio), or look for it!

STEP 2. Then you click on that icon, on the iTunes icon, and you look on your left: you'll see the name of a category: Podcasts, click on it! On your right, you'll get a list of all the podcasts you subscribe to. But now you haven't got any, have you?

STEP 3. Let's go to the Internet. Look now for a podcast on the Internet, for instance, the ones we have selected at the Podcast section. Click on Subscribe with iTunes.

STEP 4. Go back now to your iTunes program, to the Podcasts section, you'll see how all the episodes on the TP Podcast are being downloaded into your PC.

If you have any questions, send them to the TP forum, along with a link to this webpage.