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Useful Language for Elementary / Pre-intermediate Students


What's the date and what's the time?

The links below take you to the webpage hosting the transcript of an audio episode from the Talking People Podcast, but the link to the audio episode is also included. You can print the list of all the Talking People podcast episodes for Elementary and other levels at the Talking People Podcast.

Last update: January 1, 2021 - FIXED BROKEN LINKS!


bullet Review 1. Useful Language for Everyday Situations

Functional Translation - Spring Exercise: 94 sentences to review the course language points: Listen here: Part 1 (no. 1-27) - Part 2 (no. 28-58) - Part 3! (under construction) - Transcript external link

(Basico 2)

bullet Present/Past. Feminist Bios New! in the present and in the past, for the 2019 I Feminist Cultural Week!
bullet Present/Past. Animal Stories: Osipanda Gorgorita
       Tags: Stories in the past, Describing people in photos in the present
bullet Present/Past. Today! (1): present perfect or past simple? + dialog
: Pres. perf., Past simple, time phrases (today, this morning/ afternoon/ evening), Q&A, Dialog(ue)s, Exam Tips.
bullet Present/Past. Today! (2): My Day Today (corresponding to two audios: 2.1, 2.2).
: Pres. perf., Past simple, time phrases, Dialog(ue)s, Theory: form, hear/listen to, lose/miss

bullet Future. Situations. Talking about Holiday Plans with a language focus on "the futures", conditional sentences type 0 and type 1, prepositions & comparison. + Notes for Intermediate and Advanced students too. Dialogue with "going to" for plans and true intentions!

bullet Audios for the Writing File