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Writing File for Básico - Useful Language for Elementary / Pre-intermediate Students

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Here are some examples of writing tasks for Elementary and pre-Intermediate students! I hope they're useful!

Updated: March 29, 2018 (4 episodes)

Blog entry on shopping habits in about 140 words.

Listen! listen! (TP Podcast)

My shopping habits!

Today I’m going to tell you about my shopping habits!

I don’t shop much. I go shopping for food and things for the house on Saturday mornings. That’s my weekly shopping for the fridge! But on weekdays I always get bread, or things like that.

I also buy books and clothes. I love shopping for books! I shop online, but sometimes I go to bookshops. I shop about four times a year, and I usually spend between 300 and 600 euros a year. The problem is that I never find time to read all the books!

I also go shopping for clothes, but I hate it! Clothes never fit and I can never find the kind of clothes I like! I don’t like shopping centres, so I go to shops in my neighborhood.

Well, those are my habits! Thanks for reading!

Reply to an informal email asking about someone and your holidays (Curious!). In 90 words!

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Subject: re: Any news?!

Hi Jim!

Yes! I’m in Rome with my friend! Her name’s Martha. She is amazing! She’s intelligent, cheerful and very brave! She’s never afraid! She’s got beautiful black eyes! And she loves art!

In the mornings, we usually visit museums or tourist sites! After lunch we go to the hotel for a nap! In the afternoons we go for walks or do something special. It depends. One day we went to somebody’s house for dinner! A real Italian dinner!

I’m attaching a photo of that day! I hope you like it!

See you soon!


Reply to another informal email in about 90 words (Missing your friend).

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Subject: re: Hello!!

Dear Peter,

How wonderful to hear from you!

I’m fine! Now the sun is shining, orange trees are blooming, and you can smell the flowers everywhere! You’d love it!

The winter was hard because I was unemployed, so I signed up for an English course!

Now I’m working in a beach bar. Do you remember “(name of beach bar)”? It’s OK but I want to find a job as a psychologist!

When are you coming? I’d love to see you again!

Write soon!


Diary entry in about 150 words

Listen! listen! (TP Podcast)

Monday April 1: On holiday!

I’m at (name) camping site, close to the beach, in the Málaga province. People are very friendly!

Transport is not good, so after the train journey, I walked to a gas station. A woman driving to Cádiz gave me a ride here, so that was great!

Yesterday I got up late. I was so tired! I had breakfast under the Mediterranean pine trees. I love them! Then I walked to the beach. The weather was amazing, so I had a swim in the sea!

At lunchtime I had an “espeto” – fresh grilled fish, typical here – and a beer in a beach bar and then a siesta on the beach!
In the evening, some people in the camping site invited me to join them. We drove to Málaga for a night out! We had great fun! I danced all night!

We got back at five in the morning!!