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Movies/Films: Hidden Figures - Dialogues - Useful Language

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Hidden Figures Going to the movies: Hidden Figures: Dialogues for 3 levels: Básico, Upper Intermediate (B2), and Advanced (C1), recorded by teachers at the EOI Fuengirola English Department.

Transcripts word doc (3 pages, one for each level)

Audios for...
listen! Básico (Elementary - Pre-intermediate) - recorded by Marisa & Roberto
listen! Upper Intermediate (B2) - recorded by John and MF
listen! Advanced (C1) - recorded by John and MF

Scripts written by MF with feedback from her colleagues.

Hidden Figures Upcoming video versions... in 2018!


For more info on this activity of going to the cinema / movie theater, check out the English Departament Blog: Hidden Figures external link

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