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This page is under construction. Meanwhile, you can check this out:

After learning about Howard's death at the end of 2013, I improvised a Blog Page on Howard Clark external link, for my Course 2013-14 students, which includes links to all kinds of things, and photos.

As Howard and I met in June 2013 so that I would interview him, with Mujer Palabra and my students in mind, when I learned about his death, I tried to learn how to edit videos with the new movie editor I have, and managed to edit ab out 1/3 or half of it. At Mujer Palabra, you can read about this and watch the two videos on Why Howard Became a Pacifist, and Nonviolent Struggle in the World, or What Do Pacifists Do? external link


Photo by Wolfram Beyer: Howard at the 1990 WRI Council meeting

Howard at the 1990 Berlin Council