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Marvin Harris
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Cultural Materialism: watch interesting videos about Marvin Harris! (selection of several videos)

Marvin Harris: In this clip, he discusses his life's work: "As an anthropologist I've tried to..." (audiovisual from here, 2 mins. This clip can be purchased from Bullfrog Films).

Well as an anthropologist I've spent my whole life trying to communicate to students and to readers of my books and people to listen to me wherever, I've tried to show that there are many varieties of cultures that existed in the past, that exist now, and that it's up to us as individuals to become more knowledgeable concerning the causes of social life. Most of us think that we have a pretty good grasp on how to get around on a daily basis, but we also suspect that there are enormous forces of an impersonal sort determining a lot of what we do, sometimes against our better judgment. And I think it's important as a step towards the future for us to concentrate on understanding the present and the past.