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This exercise is useful for Writing Assignments and for Speaking Assignments.

Brainstorming for Topics for a reasoned opinion (useful for Discursive/Explanatory or Argumentative Texts).

Write your reasoned opinion on a topic in 80-100 words! Read reasoned opinions in Your Stuff!

• Is love the most important thing in life?
• Parents and children being friends
• TV in your country
• Consumerism
• Traveling
• Meeting people at discos
• Learning languages
• Paying taxes

Brainstorming for ideas for an argumentative text (reasons "for" and "against").
Choose some of the following topics/propositions and write down a few arguments for & against them. [Remember "argument" usually means 'discusión' chunga, no 'argumento' en sentido filosófico, como aquí]

• Supermarkets
• Advertising
• Marrying young
• Pocket-money to children
• Beards
• Exams
• Divorce
• The European Constitution
• TV News as a showcase of reality
• War as a means of solving conflicts
• Manipulating opinion
• Taxes
• Cars/Public Transport
• Buying/Renting a house
• Buying cheap things
• Trade Unions
• Fashion & Cosmetics

See Theory on Brainstorming (< How to Learn)

Send in your suggestions and answers!

Suggested Reading: DeLillo on supermarkets, our webpage for advertising