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Useful Language

If you wish to succeed in the study of English, you should stop translating literally from Spanish into English and start thinking in terms of language functions. Below you can find useful language used both in oral and/or written texts, sorted out by language function and including a link to the corresponding audios on the TP Podcast. Listen-n-Repeat, learn the music of the sentences (learn by ear) and practice pronunciation -- those are very helpful in various ways.

bullet Dialogues: various levels

bullet The Talking People Travel Phrasebook

bullet Useful Language for Elementary students

bullet Useful Classroom Language (1)
bullet Useful Classroom Language (2) for Elementary Students
bullet Useful Language for Primary Teachers
bullet Useful Language for Pre-School pdf (3 pages) + audio on the TP Podcast audio , gathered by Cristina Fernández & Adorable Company (C1, 2015-16)
bullet Talking about your winter holidays
bullet Talking about clothes
bullet Using the verbs of the senses

bullet Useful Language for Letter-Writing (sorted out by Language Function)

bullet Useful Language for Conversations/Interactions and Communicative Strategies

bullet Sentences for Your Grammar - remembering a sentence you remember all the grammar and how to use it!

bullet Responsibility
bullet Giving Feedback on Websites
Hedging (mostly in writing)
bullet Exercises with Vocabulary & Useful Language at TP Exercises
bullet FAQ webpage on English - Teaching/Learning
bullet Songs for Your Grammar - songs which help in specific language items
bullet Learn to Speak/Write using Literature! - passages with useful language you could learn! describing people, things, places, and narrating actions, events which could be in your lives too!

The TP Podcast

Love It! If you want to help in this section: Find useful sentences and expressions connected to language functions, and send them in! We can expand existing sections and/or create new ones. You can also help recording sentences from this section and sending in your audio files (mp3) for publication.

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