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Language Questions

love it! Library: Reference love it! Language Stories love it! World Englishes love it! English/Spanish love it! Slang & Jargon love it! Exercises
love it! Useful Language

bullet Functional Grammar - What it is
bullet Grammar Teams - reviewing grammar

bullet The Amazing World of Modal Auxiliaries (it includes "will" and "would")

bullet Lexical Creativity Workshoppdf (4 pages) + Prefixes pdf (2 pages) + Suffixes pdf (1 page)
bullet Mistakes by Native Speakers: Ambiguity and Multiplicity in Meaning Text doc (1 page)
bullet Lexical Relations: Some notes on euphemisms and synonyms Text doc (1 page)
bullet Verbs for Essays 01 Text doc (1 page)
bullet Verbs for Essays 02 Text doc (1 page)

bullet Verbs 1 Text doc an introduction on verbs, on the tenses and the non-personal forms
bullet Phrasal verbs (with listening exercises)
bullet Use of tenses: Past simple vs. pres. perf, / Past simple & past cont. Text doc (1 page)
Present perfect or past simple? Text doc (1 page)
bullet Expressing the future
bullet Progressive and non-progressive verbs
bullet V-S inversion with adverbials
bullet Future in the Past Text doc (1 page)
bullet Miscellanea 01 Text doc (1 page) - includes present perfect cont., future cont. ...
bullet Inversions after negative adverbials Text doc (1 page)

bullet Passives 01 + audio

bullet How...? and What ... like? + audio

bullet Clauses 1 - intro, types
bullet Clauses 2 - adverbial clauses
bullet Clauses 3 - some confusing connectors
bullet Clauses 4 - conditional sentences (a type of adverbial clause)
bullet Clauses 5 Text doc (1 page) - relative clauses - Oral Drilling 1 - Audio answers at Useful Language - Sentences for your Grammar - Relative clauses: Consolidation
bullet Clauses 6 Text doc (1 page) - relative clauses - Various topics and Oral Drilling 2

bulletUse of Linking Expressions, by michelle Text doc (1 page) (Upper Intermediate, Advanced)
bullet List of Mistakes: Improving your wording and your use of connectors - an example Text doc (1 page) (Upper Intermediate, Advanced)
bullet Useful Linking Expressions by Ana (Intermediate)
bulletConnectors (first draft) Text doc (1 page) - to modify

bullet Infinitives, gerunds and participles 01 - based on common mistakes
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 1 Check this out: here
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 2
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 3
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 4 Text doc (1 page) + audio

bullet Nouns and Company (Determiners) Text doc (2 pages) - for your List of Mistakes
bullet Other & Co. - explanation, crib note & 2 exercises
bullet The Saxon Genitive, the of-phrase and noun phrases Text doc (1 page)

bullet Modifiers 1-4 - the definite article "the": use & omission

bullet Prepositions: Time & Place. At, On, In (for everybody! Read 'em aloud many times!)

bullet Adverbs: Word Order
bullet Adjective or Adverb (for Ana, who feels good about it!, Y3B, 2006-07)
bullet Ways to Describe & Grammar
bullet Adjectives: Word Order
bullet Adjectives 1 - comparative & superlative Text doc (1 page)
bullet Adjectives 2 - comparative & superlative Text doc (1 page)
bullet Adverbs & Adverbials Text doc (2 pages)
bullet Exercise on Adverbials Text doc (2 pages; with key)

bullet Recycling: Grammar notes & exercises I used at state-run secondary schools

More Info: External Links

bullet Language: a feminist guide External Link
bullet Grammar Girl External Link
bullet The Internet Grammar of English External Link