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Juanda's letter describing himself
by Juanda (Y2, 2005-06)

Hi Michelle!

My name's Juan Daniel, but my friends call me Juanda. Some people — stupid people — say that I have a soap opera name. But I think they say that because they would like to have a name like this. It's an exclusive name. It's a different name. It's a cool name. I like how it sounds. I like writing it and the best... I like it when a girl calls me my name or shouts my name.

I'm Spanish. I live in Coslada, a city in the east of Madrid. I live with my parents and my sister. I haven't got my own house yet. But it's my main target. I'm 26 years old. I'm a telecommunication engineer. I'm finishing my end of course project now. I hope to finish it soon because I'm looking for a good job.

I'm going to tell you about my looks. I have short chestnut brown hair and green eyes. I have sparkling white teeth and a small nose. I have thin lips. I'm thin and tall — or I think so — and I have strong arms and also a wide back. Yes, I'm very strong!

I think I'm an optimist person. I'm confident. I'm persistant. I always achieve my targets — the price is not important — and I like to solve problems. I'm extrovert but in the past I was very shy. I overcame it. Sometimes I'm very funny but it depends on the day.

In my free time I like the action! I like travelling to other countries. I like going out with my friends to pubs and clubs. I like sports. I like swimming and running. Also I like driving and testing cars.

When I'm tired, I like relaxing reading good books and listening to music, especially house, dance, trance, rock and heavy music.

Please write back soon.

Best wishes,