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Course 2006-07 - Credits

Course 2006-07

Contributors in Y3B:
Some people in this group prepared texts for the Writing Guideline Project (contributions are welcome).
Our pioneers are Jose Antonio and Quique.
Ana, María, Virginia
& Jose give us some tips on Stories.
worked on Reasoned Opinions & she's donated some animated gif graphics for this site. See her TP gif on our homepage. Thanks so much, it's beautiful! Here's some more Artwork by Elia
Julia A
sent in a complaint letter

Contributors in Y3E:
Ana Galán sent a poem she wrote in English!
Fran sent the lyrics to Want Two, Rufus's latest album
Begoña has sent in a reasoned opinion
Marta sent a love song.
, sent in an interesting link to a free documentary, Loose Change (Documentaries), plus a theater play by James Petras, to celebrate the first of May. Her first contribution was The Great Bath Disaster poem! (good for Reading Comprehension and learning vocabulary on toilets!)
A year later, Rubén, traveled to Boston and brought us tons of authentic material (leaflets, newspapers, catalogs) - We're putting together some Writing Exercises!

Joint work: Y5B and Y5C and The Mini-Saga Project A Flower!

Contributors in Y5B:
Nidia, Ana, Paloma, Víctor
and Lydia sent a power point presentation which was used in their Oral Presentation on the UK. It includes a quiz.
sent a timeline on the history of Britain
sent me a copy of the email I sent her on Dictionaries and she wrote this two wonderful pieces: Pursuing Knowledge - A Dangerous Task and a review of Casa Árabe
Nieves's contributions: A person who has inspired me: Marie Curie; Summary of Therapy by David Lodge - Tracy Chapman - A Therapy passage, by David Lodge - On Edison.
sent in her review of Therapy
MariCarmen sent in two tongue twisters and told us about Vaugham Radio's e-mails and one on phrasals inspired a HotPotatoes Exercise here! She's been great help with the website, because she tells me about the mistakes it has and all that!
Lydia introduced us to Podcasts and gee, people have been grateful!

Contributors in Y5C:
Rodrigo sent a youtube video on a leopard and a baboon and wrote about In search of the meaning of life
wrote a book/movie review on Pride & Prejudice. She also spoke about Bollywood in class. Before that, she designed/organized an activity with a song by Neil Young.
spoke about English in Greece
spoke about Taj Mahal in India
spoke about (and brought) Music from India
Miguel MM
spoke about Indian Music and sent in some suggested reading: A Saki short story, so we put together a little webpage for this author.
Diana H
spoke about Women in India
spoke about Microcredits in India and wrote the essay The Black Triangle plus sent the YouTube video Hugs for Free, which actually inspired the section on this website devoted to YouTube videos!
Hi Gs! spoke about Gandhi * A year later, Carlos sent Smoke Signals. A Review, which was great!
spoke about the History of India
spoke about Indian food
introduced the team work on India by the largest OP group!
spoke about Spirituality in India and wrote What Is the Essence of a Couple? and sent a link for the Margaret Atwood webpage
Miguel H
gave us an OP on the British Empire, made a proposal on the scripts of A Bit of Laurie & Fry in case there are people who wish to translate them (see forum)! and then we also published his explanation on Podcasts and were deeply grateful for it!
gave an OP on Kenya and on Modern Art.
Ana Belén
sent a piece of writing on Lighthouses!
sent in his very informative report on the Orujo Festival!
Rebeca put together some notes on Brainstorming
Vq brought leaflets from Australia and we could prepare comprehension activities with them, like gapped texts, and I did one - see HotPotatoes. For the time being, here is a very interesting link she sent connected to our discussion on Advertising and Guerrilla Advertising. She also sent the link to the visual thesaurus included in our Dictionaries webpage at the Reference section (Library).

More beautiful people!

Carmen, a colleague, passed me some love quotes by Shakespeare. Her amazing work with Y4 students on Dickens, has triggered the creation of a webpage for Dickens in our Literature section.
sent a link to on-line banned books
My friend Paloma sent a song for Nov 25
Ex students: Miguel Oyarbide: How important is the role of the mass media in the theory and practice of modern liberal democracy? Former contributions by Miguel: 1 & 2 (Y4, 04-05)

People in Y3B, Y3E, Y5B, Y5C who asked me about words I did not know or remember and which I later commented in our forums.