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Feeling at Home in Casa Árabe
By Bea (Y5B, 2006-07)

Lovers of the Arabic culture are feeling really excited these days about the opening of Casa Árabe External Link.

Supported by several local authorities like the Foreign Office or Madrid and Córdoba City Councils, this project brings hope to people who believe knowledge and culture are vehicles for a tolerant and respectful relationship with the Arabic community.

Its headquarters will be the Mudéjar* building known as Escuelas Aguirre, for Casa Árabe here in Madrid, and the Mudéjar House in Córdoba for the IEAM, an organization for the study of Arabic.

Last week they scheduled a concert by Anouar Brahem Trio, a discussion forum and a cinema series – a special mention to “Le Grand Voyage” (“The Long Journay”), a Morrocan-French film with impressive scenes shot in Mecca.

Our best wishes for this new project which can bring together cultures which are often presented as opposing in mainstream media.

We invite you, on its behalf, to come in and feel at home.

*mudéjares: practising Muslims living under Christian rule after the Reconquest. The word mudéjar also refers to their art, religion and culture.

Casa Árabe
Casa Árabe