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David Lodge (UK, b. 1935)

Davind Lodge 2003

Therapy (1996 - different edition, yes, the same as yours, the red one)
Theme: Pain. A fill-in-the-gap activity to recycle vocabulary and some work on structure. worddoc (2 pages)

Learning Useful Language Using Therapy
Example for the December Project on Useful Language in Therapy
audio! Bumping into things while pretending to be blind (p 13, 1.17', 1,17 MB)
Tapescript sent by Nieves (Y5B, 2006-07), thanks so much!
Tuesday afternoon, 16th Feb. Immediately after writing that last bit yesterday I thought I would try shutting my eyes for a bit, to give myself an idea of what it would be like to be blind, and remind myself how lucky I am compared to poor old Roland. I actually went so far as to blindfold myself, with a sleeping mask British Airways gave me once on a flight from Los Angeles. I thought I would see what it was like to do something quite simple and ordinary, like making a cup of tea, without  being able to see. The experiment didn´t last long. Trying  to get  out of the study and into the kitchen I craked my knee, the right on needles to say, against the open drawer of a filing cabinet. I tore off the blindfold and hopped round the room cursing and blaspheming so terrible I finally shocked myself into silence. I was sure I´d done my knee in for good. But after a while the pain wore off, and this morning the joint doesn´t seem to be any worse than it was before. No better, either, of course.

Therapy(1995) worddoc (4 pages, with exercises)
Excerpts: first par. + description + questions
- Got to check corrections sent by Nieves...

How to learn English using literature (notes using Therapy, the 1995 edition, though)

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