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HotPotato Exercises & WebQuests Designed by michelle, 2007-2008
Listening Comprehension, Quizzes, Cloze Tests, Crosswords, Matching...
Type of Exercise Contents
TP WebQuests Using the TP Forum: learn to use an on-line forum!
Listening Comprehension Exercises On-line BBC 2007 News Items - Listening comprehension exercises
(for the BBC 2005 news items, with worksheets, check this out)
Argentina's first elected woman president
Endangered gorilas in Congo
New way to produce biofuels
Dickens World

Designed by YT using free podcast episodes
Radio Movie Reviews
Velcrow's "ScaredSacred", by Reel Women (7 questions, less than 3 minutes, Intermediate, Canadian Reel Women external link Podcast)
Science Radio Programs - redoing this...
The Starving Brain 01 (.... questions, 5 minutes, Advanced, Australian All in the Mind external link Podcast)

All quotes in quizzes are on this site, whether in writing or audio.
Who said what? 01
Jumbled sentences: One of Thoreau's most famous thoughts

Cloze Tests
(Reading Comprehension)
News from the BBC 2007
(with link to audio, news language comments & comprehension quiz)
Spain resizes clothes for women
India's media reaction to Big Brother
Italy to campaign at UN for death penalty ban
News from Peace News
Opposing the occupation Dec06-Jan07
Introducing action on climate... Nov06
Faslane Newsletter - Jan07
Melbourne in Spring 01 (from info brought by Teresa Y5C06)
Verbs. The Debutante
Crosswords US/UK Englishes 01
US/UK Englishes 02
US/UK Englishes 03
Eponyms 01
Grammar in Sentences Cloze tests, matching exercises...
Matching Exercises World Borrowings 01
World Borrowings 02
World Borrowings 03
World Borrowings 04
World Borrowings 05

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