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Margaret Atwood (Canada. b. 1939)

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Updated in 2018

bullet The Handmaid's Tale (my post on Language Learning from Reading, with some videos)

From Good Bones, two 600-word pieces:

bullet Read this short story whose protagonist is meant to be Hamlet's mum!: "Gertrude Talks Back" worddoc (1 page)
Listen to it on the TP Podcast: Stories. "Gertrude Talks Back"Listen!external link

Check out our webpage on Shakespeare, by the way!

bullet "There Was Once" worddoc (2 pages)
Listen to the story TP Podcast: Stories. "There Was Once" Listen!external link

bullet Watch this TV show where M. A. is interviewed as a... Closet Cartoonist! Audiovisual external link It's really funny and interesting! fan!

bullet Margaret Atwood's Poetry, listen to her and read... The Immigrants Listen! external link

From Margaret Atwood's Website, a transcribed lecture she gave:

bullet Ophelia Has a lot to Answer for Pdf doc (7 pages) - A reflection on Madness and the artistic reflections on it.

bullet YouTube videos: In this one, 10 mins, she talks about The Handmaid's Tale and the witchcraft trials, theocracy, the use of religion, political disagreement, heresy, how things are repeated throughout history, etc.

bullet Margaret Atwood's Website external link

bullet Adela (Y5C, 2006-07) sent this wiki link external link for the case you want to know more about Margaret Atwood.

bullet Lots of audiovisuals on her Listen! external link (scroll down a bit)

bullet A 30-min 1986 interview Listen! external link

bullet About Margaret Atwood external link

bullet A list of her works in Fantastic Fiction external link

Coming at some point...

The Tent
Surfacing: Excerpts from this novel coming soon
The Handmaid's Tale
(1985; Vintage UK 1996): SciFi - Psychological/Social SF
Moral Disorder and Other Stories (audio, unabridged)