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TP brochure small 1point Page 1. On Using this Website - It includes these questions: How can I use this website? Navigation tips. Can I swap going to class for using this website? Can I tell my friends about this website? I'm an ex student of yours/a friend, can I still use the website/eCampus/Forum?

point Page 2. On English - Learning/Teaching - It includes these questions: What teaching method do you use? Do you hate grammar? What is functional grammar? Why do you talk about language functions? Why do you talk about "textual structure"? Can't we go back to normal? What are communicative strategies?

point Page 3. On English - Varieties - It includes these questions: Varieties of English. What type of English do you use? Are you a US American citizen? Is British English more correct that US American English?

TP brochure small 2point Page 4. On this Website - It includes these questions:Why do you have a website? Do you earn money with it? Out of our visits? This website must be tons of work... is it? Can I help you? Why is access restricted on the eCampus?

point Page 5. Contributors and Contributions - It includes these questions:Who are the contributors? I want to help... it includes a link to Guidelines for Contributions. If I send you stuff, will you publish it? Why don't you publish our names? Can you publish at least my personal e-mail when you mention my name? I made a contribution and you didn't publish it! I made a contribution, you gave me a free e-mail account but it doesn't work! I made a contribution but you didn't give me an e-mail account...

point Page 6. On Using the eCampus & the Forum
How can I use the Forum?
What are your rules for us sending you emails?
How to Use TP

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