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5. Contributors and Contributions - FAQ

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Who are the contributors?
Contributors are people who send in information or their work to be shared with everybody using this website. When I quote them as authors of any piece, I just use their first name (María, Pepe) and the group and academic year they're in when they send in their work (Y5, 2007). If they want their whole name to be published, they can tell me and I can do that. Contributors are listed by course year in Credits. Their work appears published in Your Stuff!

I want to help...
If you want to work on your English and share your work with the Talking People users, you are welcome. You can work on whatever is useful for your English. You need to read the Guidelines on Contributions! If you need ideas, in the section called Projects you'll find some. You could also select podcast episodes and prepare a few listening comprehension questions and I could give all that the format of a HotPotato exercise. You could design any kind of exercise or crossword or whatever. I also need some technical help: I need to know if there are any broken links or if there are confusing pages or whatever makes navigation difficult.

If I send you stuff, will you publish it?
Generally speaking, contributions are welcome. If you're a teacher and wish to publish activities you do in class, that'll be welcome! If you are a student who has designed listening activities, for instance, that'll be welcome! If your case is different, it depends -- I'd need to check your contribution is compatible with the principles in this website!
In terms of links, don't send me anything you have not used or checked. I'm not interested in having lots of stuff, but in having things that work and that are useful for you. Send your links to the TP Forum, not to my email. Then we can discuss on the forum if it's worth it to make a webpage on that link. Please read the email ReadMe! before sending me an email.

Why don't you publish our names? Can you publish at least my personal e-mail when you mention my name?
I don't publish personal information because this is the Internet, a glass building where everybody can look into, and we don't know who "everybody" is! For the case you want to be reachable as a contributor, I offer you a free e-mail account, so people can write to you if they want to get in touch with the author of the contribution. If you want to use your own personal e-mail, no problem -- just tell me. E-mails are not like names or phone numbers, so it's OK. If you want your complete name to be published, you need to get in touch with me. Use the e-mail on this site & read the e-mail ReadMe! section.

I sent a contribution and you didn't publish it!
Sorry. Please, remind me. Sometimes the computer crashes and I lose everything! Sometimes I simply don't get it, or I dump it accidentally when dumping all the spam e-mails I get every day! (especially if you haven't written on the subject line: TP ... )

I sent a contribution, you gave me a free e-mail account but it doesn't work!
Sorry, then. Some people never use the e-mail account, so after a long period of inactivity, say a year, I delete it. I can create it again, if you want me to. Just get in touch with me.

I sent a contribution but you didn't give me an e-mail account...

That's just because you haven't sent me the name you want for your e-mail account. All contributors get a free e-mail account at mujerpalabra or talkingpeople. However, most people do not need it or want it, so that's why they don't have it. If you want it, tell me. No problem.