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Guidelines for Contributions - FAQ

Hello everybody! If you want to share your skills and knowledge with us, you're welcome. Thanks! We're open to all kinds of things, so just tell send an email if you are not a student in the groups I have or tell me in class if you are. (Please read the "e-mail ReadMe!" section first.)

Written contributions will be checked by michelle, but you need to proofread them first, carefully, because if they are full of "silly" mistakes I will refuse to check them! Once I've checked them, I’ll send you the corrected piece so that you accept or reject the corrections and I’ll start making the webpage for them. You'll have to study my corrections, suggestions and comments and then send back a final version. You can attach graphics or audios. Please, don't format your writing - when I cut it to paste it on the web design program all the "extra codes" you add will drive me crazy! Send the plain text, only using bold (negrita) and italics (cursiva). Don't indent!!! (tabular) And don't write in block letters, please (mayúsculas) -- on the Internet it's like shouting (use bold in your titles, if you like).

Graphics: you can send them in. For Free Internet Resources, check out our section Projects (left-side nav. bar).

Teamwork in Projects: If you want to take part in a project (join an existing project or make the proposal of one), send me a message (eoi AT, so we can talk about it. Check out the Projects section.

Links: I'm not interested in adding links like crazy. I'm just interested in links which you have used and found useful or interesting in your relationship to English. You can send your links to the forum with a little comment and suggesting the section on TP they could be included in (just paste the http address).

Helping on this Website: If you want us to be a kind of team, because you want to take part in the development of this website, tell me or post your thoughts on the forum! There is a specific subforum for that [update 2015: they have not been active for a few years now]. Have a look. You could be in charge of updating or fixing or developing a section or a web page, or whatever.

Contributors get a free email account with Mujer Palabra, but they need to ask for it. Send me an email.

Tell me if I can improve this explanation!


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