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1. On Using this Website - FAQ

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How can I use this website?
This website is not a textbook. It's a free resource for independent lifelong English learners. TP is a good excuse for you to use your English every day, because it makes you read English, and it offers you all kinds of info (academic and about the world) and activities. The TP website can be useful because it gives you extra support in learning about ways to learn and the resources we can use to do that. Also, if you're a student enrol(l)ed in my courses, and you miss a lesson, it allows you catch up by offering you info on what we did in class, and a copy of the handouts I gave out, so you can print them. Check out my Course Blogs (Thanks, wordpress!) external link or the In class section on TP.

Navigation Tips
The first thing you need to do to find your way is CONTEMPLATE!: Have a look at the different sections on the navbar (navigation bar). Use the BACK button to go back to previous webpages, especially if you've opened a Word Doc, a PDF File or an External Link, or when you see that no new window opened. External links are indicated with this graphic: external link (This means you leave

Can I tell my friends about this website?
If you think people you KNOW need to use this site, go ahead. I'm not particularly interested in this site being popular, really, but this contradicts my eagerness to be of use to as many English life-long learners as possible! :) What I don't like is people not respecting citing authors and sources, or making money with other people's work. But people using this to learn is wonderful!

I'm an ex student/a friend can I still use the website?
Of course, except the eCampus, because I don't know what to do about the eCampus yet in relation to people who are not coming to class. I'm planning some on-line courses but I don't know who for yet. You are free to use everything else, including the TP Forum where you can register for free.