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About the author & her ICT work at EOI's - FAQ

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About the author (her personal projects)

EOIs are Spanish state-run language schools for adults (from 16 on)

From 2013-14 to 2020-21 I worked at EOI Fuengirola, in Andalucía, where I developed my own methodology and published it (see C1 Resource Pack and Audioweb for Básico external link) and where I also developed innovative resources and approaches in the crosscurricular subject Education for Equality, Coeducación (see blog Desarrollando Inteligencia Feminista external link where we designed and implemented the I Feminist Cultural Week for public education in Andalucía and in Spain!). Thank you, dear community! It's was AWESOME!

More about the previous years from latest to oldest

Resumen en español/castellano: creación de webs de carácter didáctico (explotación didáctica de las TICs)
Sobre la elaboración de la web de la EOI de San Fernando de Henares external link
Sobre la elaboración de la web del Departamento de Inglés de la EOI Goya external link (con blogs) y web de la Biblioteca
Sobre la elaboración de la web de la EOI Getafe external link (con Students' Corner external link, blogs external link y canales de YouTube external link)
Updated broken links: April 2015. Real Life Sci Fi

As a teacher working in state-run language schools (EOI, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas; before that I worked in secondary education! external link), I do my best to support the development of teachers' and students' knowledge and use of ICT's (Information and Communication Technology). In that framework, I've carried out the following work (here, in Spanish external link):

2008-12 (3 years, 4 months & 3 weeks!). From September 2008 to December 2008 I designed the EOI Getafe website external link, with its four templates. I assessed the needs of the school community by holding conversations with everybody! From September 2008 to June 2010 (two courses, yes), we did some teachers' and students' teamwork filling in this resource, and expanding it! We created Wordpress blogs for German external link, French external link and English external link and YouTube channels for all of the Departments (although we just developed the English at EOI Getafe YouTube Channel external link - up to Jan 2012). Up to January 2012 most of the 200 videos we have were by my Básico 1 and Avanzado 2 groups: monolog(ue)s, dialog(ue)s, poems, dramatized readings, oral drilling by Básico 1's, and Oral Presentations by my Avanzado 2's. On the English webpage we also created an amazing section, the Students' Corner external link! Students' response was simply awesome!!!

Here are some collages I made for the different blogs and web pages. If you click on the image you will be taken there!

Books & Movies

Travel Blog

Monuments and Bios by Básico 1

2007-08. Design and Administration (still today!) of the EOI English Goya Webpage external link, plus a little forum here on TP for their students. We are also hosting that page here, on Talking People, until they need us. Design and Administration of three blogs external link: the EOI Goya English Reading Club, the EOI Goya English Theatre Club, the EOI Goya English Film Club, plus design of their corresponding logos and the creation of an account at YouTube for the uploading of their videos.

Theatre Club
Reading Club
Film Club

2006. Webpage for the Library at EOI Goya. Unfortunately, we didn't have the necessary knowledge to upload the library's catalog in the form of a database, or something! - This webpage was deleted when the Official School's website was created (c. 2011)

EOI Goya Biblioteca

. After talking to all the School's staff and analyzing the old webpage, I designed a new webpage for EOI San Fernando de Henares external link, which is still there. I also gave a little course to the teachers of three Departments (English, French and German), where we designed the Department pages, too.

EOI San Fernando de Henares