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4. On this Website - FAQ

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Page 4. On this Website

Why do you have a website, an e-learning platform, a forum and a podcast?

I believe the world would be better if people developed passion for doing their own things, so I support any kind of learning, emphatically! I also believe that due to my extensive research and experience in nonviolent communication, I have some valuable approaches to share, so that human communication becomes less violent and more intelligent. Then I'm a creative person, I love the Internet and I'm a teacher! So ICTs are offering me an neverending chance to learn all kinds of things. This website is my way of helping students beyond class time. If you surf it, you consolidate or learn vocabulary, you discover interesting information and links, you revise what you need to learn, you become interested in and/or informed about things related to other cultures... More in "About the Author"

Do you earn money with it? Out of our visits?
No, I don't. It costs me money, actually. But that's OK with me. It's my own space, as a teacher who loves Constitutional Article no. 24c, that of academic freedom -- the right to use whatever methodological resources you've got in your teaching practice.

This website must be tons of work... is it?

Sure, but I'm happy to do it. Although it's true sometimes I work far too much on it! Unfortunately, I don't have enough time for it. So at times it's kind of messy. If you wish to help...

Can I help you?
If you learn English you're helping me! fan! Then I'm very interested in knowing if the ways I teach you to learn by yourself are useful. And if you use this website, I'd love to know how you use it. If you wish to help me improve this site, you can send me the http address of broken links, or ideas about how to organize something better, or info about which sections should be tidied up!! Finally, if you like writing or designing things or whatever, I'd love to get your contributions for this website. That's what I love most, really -- people expressing themselves in their own words or languages (drawing, poetry, letters, games, comments, whatever!)... Read the FAQs on Contributions (page 5), check out our sections Projects and Your Stuff! (left-side nav. bar), and check out the subforum on the TP Forum (left-side nav. bar) devoted to Contributors.

Why is access restricted on the eCampus?
Because we, people in class, need also some private on-line space!