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Email ReadMe!

If you wish to get in touch with Talking People or send a contribution to get it published on Talking People, you are welcome to do so, whoever you are, whatever you do! :) You might want to read the Guideline for Contributions! Our email is english AT talkingpeople DOT net

If you're a student of michelle's at EOI state-run language schools, please read this carefully:

point My email is on the Info Pack you get at the beginning of the course, which is downloadable at the eCampus, in case you missed your lesson. In any case it's the same as the one above.
point Write
me in English.
point Add a title in the Subject slot, please, e.g. type in"Talking People + (your group)".
Don't add me to your Mailing Lists, please. I get hundreds of emails a day!
point Don't expose my email in emails you send to other people (collective emails should use the CCO -- hidden copy to -- to hide addresses). Likewise, don't send me other people's email addresses either. (It's not democratic or respectful to make public something which is private. People are free to voluntarily give their addresses to other people.)
point Don't tag you email "High Priority" (Urgente). High Priority emails for me have to do with true emergencies, like saving people's lives, and fortunately you will never be in that position!

In other words, I will automatically dump/delete (destroy!) emails in Spanish, forwarded emails (whether funny, witty, inspiring, what not!), emails exposing people's addresses without their consent, emails not easily identified by reading the subject line (a security measure), high-priority emails...

Why would you send me an email?

point To tell me something personal you should do so in class or in my Hora de Atención a las y los Estudiantes. If you use my personal email, you should know that even though I try to reply to all the emails I get, it's not an official means of communication so any info I give you using this means is non-official. For questions on exam dates or enrollment, use the School's Notice Board (Tablón de Anuncios) or visit the School's Offices (Secretaría).
It's not a good idea to send me questions about exams by email, then.

point Post on the TP Forums if you want to send me interesting information, ask questions about the English language, recommend interesting links and activities, share your ideas and feedback on Talking People...

point You can send me contributions for TP, with the title "
TP Contribution". Only send me your contribution after you've proofread it several times (i.e. Teachers should do things you cannot do, not things you can actually do!). Please, read the Guidelines for Contributions in our FAQ section.

point About compositions (your course assignments). Compositions should be handed in in class, respecting the agreed deadline. If in class I agree for you to send me a composition via the Internet, use the eCampus, where you can upload your work (Dropbox). You can only send compositions by email if you want to publish them here, on TP (i.e., once they've been corrected and you've finished working on your List of Mistakes and made a new - clean - copy). Incidentally, a relevant tip: Don't hand in texts that you have not proofread thoroughly! You have to learn to be good at proofreading your work. Don't be "natural"!

Potential problems. Supposing you respected my requirements...

point If I don't answer a personal email after a week's time, please, write again, I might have "lost" your email among the hundreds of messages I get every day.

point If you send in a contribution and after a month I haven't published it, please, write again, reminding me what you sent. That doesn't make me angry! :) Remember to use a title like "TP Contribution - reminder", or something similar.

Thanks for your patience and consideration. Have a nice day.