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2021 - 1 Jan - fixed broken links (resulting from adapting website to new requirements for cellphones etc) in the USEFUL LANGUAGE - BÁSICO section

October: creating a new site, for my Workshops for Advances: (a personal project before I retire, to teach in total freedom for a few years)

2019 - updated the eCampus (elearning platform) and created a Reading Club and the Desarrollando Inteligencia Feminista project

2017 - created a free wordpress blog to gather all my teaching stuff around because I'm reported for absentism for going on the March 8, 2017 global women's strike against male violence against women: external link

2014 - we deleted the page on Facebook because the admins deleted the new page and sent us back to the old one or something weird and didn't reply to our messages. We understand that Talking People has been kind of kicked out of fb for some obscure reason! (would that be pay places trying to harm places sharing quality work for free?)
2013 - After three years of having this site kind of neglected, we're back!!! Please, consider contributing your worlds to this project: send us stuff! :) Check out our section Thanks! for examples!
2011 - On Facebook we moved to a Like Page you can dig. It's called Talking People (Mujer Palabra) external link
March 2009
- we've got a YouTube channel! (Not using it much, out of a lack of time - in case you want to help out!)
December 2009 - we added a Bookmark and a Share widget!
January 2007: Creating the C1 Resource Pack Like Page on Fb external link

Date Sections with updated contents
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Updates * 2016-17 Course
January 2017

In Class - C1 - C1 Resource Pack

FAQ - Statistics from 2007-2016

Podcasts - the Talking People Podcast - new episodes: Brief dialogues for Básico, Letter to Teacher (A2-C1 examples), Travel Phrasebook...
Updates * 2015-16 Course
March 2016 In Class - C1 (empieza traslado de How-to's de course blogs) Writing - Writing File for Elementary
Speaking - Speaking File for Elementary
November 2015

Check out Thanks! - Course 2015-16
and In Class - Básico 1 and C1

Updates * 2014-15 Course
February 2015 new section: Our eBooks! and first ebook: Stories from My Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning & Our r.evoL.ution!  
October - November In Class - links to course blogs
Thanks - created new page for contributors 2014-15
Updates * 2013-14 Course
February   Literature - Writers - Isaac Asimov
Publishing students' contributions - see Thanks 2013-14

Exercises - Reading: Cloze tests (fixed mistakes)
Reading Comprehension: Timed Scanning (Hilma af Klint)
Skills - Speaking: Discussions - Handout for a properly focused Gender Discussion
The World - People & Culture - American Indians - updated

December Updated Thanks! (course 2013-14)
Your Stuff! - Your Texts - Letter-writing - 3 contributions!
Useful Language - Sentences for your grammar - relative clauses

Updated Thanks! (course 2013-14)

Updated the Homepages and the PLEASE, READ ME!

Skills - Speaking - Oral Performances by Students - Jaceline's mon on speed dating

How to Learn - How to speak (links) - How to write (link)

September 2013  

People & Culture - Books: two new books: Rosa Parks: My Story, an autobio, and One Crazy Summer, by Rita Williams-Garcia

Literature - Writers: added the above and the death date of my very much loved writers Leonora Carrington and J.D. Salinger

Updates * 2012-13 Course
April   Listen! - Podcasts - Podcast episodes used in class: uploaded audios where links kept breaking.
Skills - Speaking - Dialogues
Useful Language - UL for Conversations / Interactions (+audio TP Podcast)
March   Skills - Speaking - Oral performances by students with teacher's feedback
February In Class - Avanzado 2 - February Exam Training  
September In Class - added link to blog for michelle's students  
Updates * 2011-12 Course
March-April-May   Podcasts: The Talking People Podcast is publishing episodes for Elementary students and for Advanced students. Check it out and print the List of Episodes to learn about what it's got! This involves new pages in the sections Useful Language and Exercises (Listening) here.
February 16  

Literature: arranged the different homepages.
Podcasts - The Talking People Podcast has new episodes: Poems: Sylvia Plath, and Mons for Elementary students

October 18 FAQ - About the author 1 & 2 Podcasts - Podcast episodes used in class - 344 ESL Pod
October 13 In Class - Welcome
eCampus - Welcome
Reading - link to our Like Page and to Michelle's Projects for English learners
Updates * 2010-11 Course
May 6 In Class - end-of-course list of things for Avanzado 2 Skills - Speaking - Monologues
Exercises - Listening - Exercises by TP
Audios - Movies & More - Documentaries
April 24 In Class - Ejemplos de examen en EEOOII  
April 6, 2011   New episode by the Talking People Podcast
Audios - Music - Some Fav Songs
March 9, 2011 Closing down the eCampus Functional Grammar: Future in the past
November 21 In Class - creada la página para mis estudiantes de Básico 1 (apoyo)  
October 3 2010 FAQ - Updated TP Brochure
In Class - Updated message
Updates * 2009-10 Course
July 17   Podcasts - TP Podcast - new episode for the "Everyday language" segment
March 30   Podcasts - TP Podcast
Jan 7   Skills - Writing - Reports
Dec 26   The World - People & Culbure - American Indians - Sherman Alexie (also via Literature) - Dakota's Power Point with Q&A on one of his novels!
Dec 8   Skills - Writing - Proposals
The World - People & Culture - the World of Work
Nov 23   Podcasts - The Talking People Podcast - New segment in Useful Language: Everyday Language 001
Updates * 2008-09 Course
August 28 In class Library - Reference
Library - Literature
The World - People & Culture - Obama
The World - People & Culbure - American Indians
June 13 Thanks! (Credits) - Course 2008-2009 Literature - Nancy Drew
April 30   Useful Language, Podcasts - fixed links
April 28   Functional Grammar
March 24   Useful Language - Money & Banks (with audio at TP Podcast)
February 28 In Class The World - People & Culture - The Vagina Monologues
February 26   Podcasts
Winter holidays

In Class - updated the Lesson Plans for our first week in January for Básico 1 and Avanzado 2
Thanks! - redesigned this section. Check it out! It includes new section: Webpages for Contributors - Check out Valéria Souza's webpage!
Your Stuff! - I worked on fixing all the old pages and arranging its homepage.
- Your Texts: In Letters, Nieves's letter to the editor: An Ideal Father, In Poems, michelle's poem Dec 31.

Useful Language - added the link to the audio of Talking About Our Winter Holidays
Skills - Speaking - new stuff in: Oral Presentations & Communicative Strategies
Resources - How to Learn: the Learning Diary in connection to Speaking and Listening activities
Writing - The World of Work
The World - People & Culture - The World of Work:
Mayte's Template for CVs. + The World - Countries, Places: Iguazú
Dec 23   The World - People & Culture - American Indians - Joy Harjo, a poem (also at our Literature section)
Dec 20   Podcasts - EFL Podcasts - The TP Podcast - new episode! Making Suggestions...
Dec 14   Movies & More - Documentaries - The Baby Human
Also at Exercises - Listening Exercises here
Dec 6   Resources - Literature - Carson McCullers - Audio of one of her stories!
Dec 5   Skills - fixing it up a bit
The World - Work - fixing it up a bit
Resources - Exercises - fixing it up a bit
Nov 9   Resources - Exercises - Vocabulary (plus audios and useful language!)
Nov 7   The World - People & Culture -
Barack Obama
Audrey Hepburn
Audios - Music - Amy Winehouse
All with bios and audios
Oct 26 In Class - Avanzado 2 - Summary of what we've been doing (example)
Your Stuff! - Your Texts - Bios - Sheryl Crow
Thanks to Denise

Audios - Podcasts - TP Podcast - new episode with Useful Classroom Language
Audios - Music - Sheryl Crow

Oct 13   Audios - Music - 2 authors: Carole King and Frank Zappa
Oct 3 In class - Announcements and info for Básico 1, Avanzado 2  
Oct 2 Your Stuff - Your Texts - Reviews - Smoke Signals, by Carlos  
Sept 27 In Class Library - Literature - Translations - Sorrentino
Sept 26 Thanks - Permission granted! A thank you to authors and publishing houses...  
Sept 21 In Class - list of techniques you should master Audios - TP Podcast - A story
Sept 10   The World - People & Culture - American Indian People (Joy Harjo, Leonard Peltier, List of Resources)
Sept 1   Useful Language - Traveling
Aug 31 In Class: Books & Movies
Thanks: Ana Otto's page
Projects: The Robin Hood Project
TP Forums (rearranging categories)
FAQ - About the author 1 (TP) & 2 (EOIs)
Email ReadMe!
Cover Page (pre Homepage)
Literature: The Robin Hood Project
Speaking: Pronunciation
Exercises: Pronunciation (Listening, Speaking)
Library: Dictionaries
Useful Language: At the Train Station
Updates * 2007-08 Course
June 11 In Class  
June 10   How to Learn - Vocabulary - verbs of the 5 senses
May 31 FAQ - the TP leaflet!  
May 28   Library - Literature - Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft
Resources - Exercises - Writing: 1. describing people/telling horror stories; 2. writing letters from classifieds
May 26   Resources - Exercises - Writing - adding exercises taken from classified ads from Boston papers
May 20   Resources - Exercises - WebQuests: How to use an on-line forum
May 18   Audios - Podcasts &
Resources - Useful Language:
Making Requests
Functional Grammar
- Useful Linking Expressions
May 16 Your Stuff! - contributions everywhere!  
May 10   Audios - Podcasts - The TP Podcast - new episodes!
May 4 In Class - La Reforma (CEFR) "The New Language Learning System"  
May 3 In Class - Y5 - Surviving Exams (also linked from How to Learn (top-navigation bar)  
April 9   Useful Language - Useful Language in Conversations - Part III of our TP Podcast series on this
March 31   The World - People & Culture - Jewish and Arab Together (new webpage)
March 26 Tidying up...
New TP Podcast audio: Margaret Atwood (story)
Literature - Writers - Wilkie Collins!
Tidying up...
Library - Reference (lists)
Literature - Writers (plus new audio for Margaret Atwood)
March 15 Tidying up the "In Class" homepage Fixing some links at Skills - Speaking and Resources - Useful Language
March 14   The World - People & Culture - American Indian People
Library - Literature - Dian Million - a poem published also as a TP podcast episode
March 11 Projects - new projects for TP!
In Class - check out the homepage, just in case!
eCampus - fixed link. Thanks, my María! :)
Audios - Podcasts - The TP Podcast has new episodes connected to March 8 and also to Saying Thanks.
Skills - Writing - Thank you letters and notes
Resources - Useful Language - Used in conversations - Saying Thank You
Feb 27   Library - Articles & More - House of Light & Shadow
Feb 23 In Class - Y5's and Intermediate 1's  
Feb 18 In Class - Y5's - February - please check it out  
Feb 16   The World - People - YouTube videos with two new people speaking!
(I'm starting the American Indian webpage)
Feb 14 Your Stuff - fixing the sectionYour Activities
Audios - The TP Podcast has just posted a new episode, a poem
Feb 10 In Class - updated texts in Surviving Exams
Your Stuff - worked on old templates still in Your activities
Speaking - Communicative Strategies
Feb 9   Audios - Podcasts - Podcast episodes used in class: Helen Mirren worksheet
Feb 5   Exercises - Listening ex. (the one below)
Audios - Pod epi used in class - Full moon worksheet
Feb 3,4 In Class - This section is Public again
New stuff: Y5 (February), Announcements section in Spanish, Surviving Exams section for Y5's
Useful Language - redoing section, upcoming TP pod episode using that
Speaking - Discussions - new intro
Jan 28 In Class - Intermediate 1's: 3C and ending the unit this week at home and in class  
Jan 27   Library - Literature - Writers - Dorothy Parker, plus audio reading at the TP Podcast!
Audios - Podcasts - Stories
Jan 19 Homepage: found a plugin to voice text in Spanish! Skills - Listening - improving this section and updating it
Jan 18 Sorry, I forgot to upload January!!! Here it is now:
In class - Intermediate 1's - 3A and 3B and lesson plans for next week
Jan 13 In class - Intermediate 1's - 3A and 3B and lesson plans for next week  
Jan 12 Thanks (Credits) - Lots of contributions! The World - People - Civil Justice
The World - Countries, places
- Tasmania
Audios - Music
- The Police
Audios - Podcasts
- a new Science (Nature) pod sent in by Isabel!
Jan 9 In Class - Intermediate 1 and Year 5  
Jan 6   Useful Language - talking about your holidays
Functional Grammar - How...? and What ... like? (from the TP Podcast)
Jan 4 In Class - Intermediate 1 - answers to tests in unit 2 How to Learn - Personal Spelling Chart Functional Grammar - Use of tenses
Exercises - Cloze tests and Use of tenses
Useful Language - new audios (from the TP Podcast) and sections
Jan 3 Your Stuff - Your Texts - Your Stories - an NGO in India
In Class - Y5 - lesson plans for unit 3 and our comeback!!!
Jan 1, 2008   Literature - Writers - Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath
Dec 26 Your Stuff - Your Texts - Mini Sagas - Fear Literature - Writers - The TP Podcast external link published Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Bananafish"
Dec 21   The World - People - YouTube Videos - Hawaian singer Iz
Dec 15 In Class - Y5's, Intermediate 1's Audios - Podcasts - 3. Audios used in Class
Dec 10 Your Stuff! - Your Texts - Stories - 100-word past (narratives) Language - World Englishes - Accents in the UK (audios)
Dec 9 In Class - Y5's The World - Dates - Dec 10
Skills - Writing - Avoiding Sexist Language
Resources - How to Learn - Error Correction - LoM Y5's
Dec 8   Skills - Writing - Printer-friendly versions of "How to Write Compositions" and "How to Improve your Writing" plus other stuff
The World - People & Culture - Games (How to solve Rubik's Cube) and the CIA Book of Dirty Tricks
Dec 6 In Class - Y5's - updated lesson plans!
Your Stuff! - Your Activities - Music - Madeleine Peyroux and Pink Floyd
Audios - Music - Madeleine Peyroux and Pink Floyd
The World - Countries - People's Voices Peace Initiative for the Middle East
Skills - Writing - Writing Guides
Dec 3 In Class - Y5's and then for Intermediate 1's - Plan for ALL DECEMBER!  
Nov 29 In Class - Y5's, Intermediate 1's  
Nov 25   The World
- Special Dates: Nov 25
Nov 24 In Class - Intermediate, Y5's
Projects - one new one, and likely reactivation of others! ;)
- Spanish/English - New project!
- Language Stories - fixed broken links! Thanks!
Nov 21 In Class - Intermediate 1's  
Nov 16 In Class - Intermediate 1's, Y5's
Functional Grammar
Modals of obligation/need and uses of "must"
Nov 15 In Class - Y5's
Lesson Plans for next week plus link to audios we did
Also: Intermediate 1's update
How to Learn - I fixed the mistakes on the 1-page copy describing the S&S Reading Comprehension technique
Nov 14 TP goes public! (But I need to improve tons of pages still!, plus the Avatar thingy)
Nov 12 In class- Y5's, november ; Intermediate 1's, this week  
Nov 11   Func. Grammar
reorganizing the section & including new notes
Nov 8 In class- Interm 1's - plans for november  
Nov 4 In class -Y5's recap on Oct, and plans for Nov  
Nov 3   Audios - more changes everywhere - new songs and podcasts
Nov 2   Audios - Podcasts - How to subscribe and new episodes in the ESL pod The Talking People Podcast
Exercises - Listening Comprehension exercises - WITH WORKSHEETS - in "Listening ex. here" - ON-LINE as "Hotpotato" exercises
Oct 31 In Class: Interm 1's - news Resources - Functional Grammar - Modals and language functions (can - be able to, be allowed to, could, may, might)
Oct 30 In Class: Intermediate 1's - lesson plans to finish unit 1 Exercises - Listening - Ex in other sites
Oct 29 In Class: Y5's  
Oct 28   Audios - Podcasts - YT's Podcast!
Oct 27 How to Use TP  
Oct 23 In class: Elena's request
Intermediate 1's october what we did
Oct 22 In class: Year 5, october (plan for 3 lessons) How to Learn - Reading - Skimming and scanning Reading Comprehension exercises
Oct 21   Resources - Functional Grammar - Grammar Teams (lost links recovered!)
Resources - Exercises - Reading
Resources - Exercises - Vocabulary (+audios)
Oct 20 Changes. I changed the vertical bar a bit. Updates are topping the bar and then the eCampus has moved upwards too. I deleted the bottom European section on Language policies, because I could include it in the "In Class" section.

Resources - Useful Language - In conversations
I had deleted this section without realizing! Now it's back!, with interesting material linking to the BBC
Audios - Podcasts
I just remodelled this section, so it's much better! Send your feedback to the TP forum

Oct 18 In Class, Intermediate 1's and Y5's - reminder of your homework!  
Oct 15 In Class, Y5's
TP Forum: pregnancies and things you've never done
Oct 12 In Class: draft lesson plans for next week and info on what we did this week
eCampus: I uploaded all the copies I gave out in class
How to Learn - How to Listen - The Skimming and Scanning technique for listening comprehension (also on eCampus)
Oct 9 Eve: In class - Interm. 1's
Morn: In class - Y5's
Oct 6   Resources click on HotPotatoes
Oct 5 In class Resources click on How to Learn
Oct 4 In class
FAQ: How to register in the eCampus (page 6 of FAQ)
Oct 3 FAQ
email ReadMe!
Audios - reorganized a bit
Resources - How to Learn - reorganized Listening a bit
How to Learn - check out the How to Listen section, because it's full of new docs about how to learn to listen
Sept 26 TP Forums
remodelled, we included new forums for this year's discussions on what we do and read! Check them out and register!
Thanks! click on
Audios click on Movies & More click on
click on The Day the Earth Stood Still (complete script plus free downloadable movie!)
Sept 23 In Class click on
click on Course Overview for Y5's and Interm. 1's (copies in class)
click on Suggested Materials for Y5's and Interm. 1's (copies in class)
Sept 16-17 In Class click on
click on Rules for Compositions
click on Getting Along with YT

Projects click on Free Resources click on Make Internet TV and Free Webquest Hosting
Projects click on Invited Guests
Audios click on
click onMovies & More click on Documentaries click on The Bassibus in Barcelona
click onMovies & More click on Bewitched (the 2005 movie) + songs + 1st episode of the original TV series! + 1 webquest designed by YT for before watching the movie
Audios click on
click on Music click onRupert Holmes
click on Music click onREM
click on Music click onPolice
click on Music click onSinead O'Connor
Sept 12 In Class
Course 2007-08: Rules for Compositions
Completed the Answer Key for Y5's Gold textbook: units 1, 2, 4.
Sept 11   Library click on Literature click on Writers click on
click on Hornby, Nick (with novel and movie to work on in Y5 this year) and
click on Stein, Gertrude (a book review with its audio on The World Is Round)
Audios click on
click onMovies & More click on Hi Fidelity (with YouTube videos from the movie and the complete printer-friendly script!)
Sept 02 In Class: Announcements
e-mail ReadMe!
Library: Reference

2010 - Cancelled in 2011: We've got a Group on Facebook
June 2009
- we've got a Social Network! (News: We left Ning)