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Course 2013/14 - Credits

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Here is a list of all the Contributions students in Andalucía have sent in! Thanks so much for your outstanding work!

I'm jotting down contributions I still don't have. If you don't wish to make them, please, let me know so I can delete the info. If you want to see them here but I made some mistake of some sort, please, let me know asap!!

Speaking - 3-minute performances

Y5B. Jaceline, on Speed Dating + How I prepared this monolog(ue)
Y5A. Allegra, on Doing an Exchange + audio How I prepared this mon.
Y5A. JC, The First Time I Had to Give First Aid + How I prepared my story
Y5B. Mª Jesús, A Traffic Accident: My Life-death Experience + How I prepared my story
Y5CAL. Miguel, Working from Home + Outline (great example!)
Y5B. Carmen, Why I would like to be a farmer

Visit our YouTube Channel, EFL Learners Speaking (external link), to find more oral performances by students!!: Playlist for Audio Projects! Playlist for Childhood Memories, Playlist for Reviews -- and more!!!

Y5CAL. Useful Classroom Language Project! (external link) Printable sheets and audios. Thanks!


Cirenia's review of One Crazy Summer ¡ (Y5B, 2013-14)
Yoana's Making Rounds with Oscar (Y5A, 2013-14)

Changing Roles, by Alicia HG (Y5)
Sports & Health in Teenagers, by Sergio S (Y5CAL, 2013-14)
The Mayan Riviera: Paradise!, by María José Malpica (Y5B, 2013-14)
Paradise Near Málaga, by Carmen de Paz (Y5B, 2013-14)
Is There a Future? Groundwater Contamination, by Josefina (Y5CAL, 2013-14)

Jesús's Disastrous Journey (Y3C, 2013-14)

Mini-sagas by 2013-14 Avanzado 2 students

Job-Application Letters
Alicia's job application as a psychologist (Y5A, 2013-14)
Marisol's job applicatin as a freelance sales assistant manager (Y5A, 2013-14)
Carmen's job application as a gardening teacher (Y5B, 2013-14)
Josefina's job application as a tourist guide (Y5CAL, 2013-14)
Sara's job-application letter (Y5B, 2013-14)
Iratxe's job-application letter (Y5B, 2013-14)
Sergio's job application as a Trip Leader (Y5CAL, 2013-14)

Letters. Asking people to do you a favo(u)r
Josephine's letter (Y5CAL, 2013-14) - no word limit
Pedro's letter asking his old host family to help a friend (Y5A, 2013-14) + brainstorming and outline

Other... pending formatting here...

Y5A. Luis, Note-taking. Our Teacher's Explanation of How to Work on our Writingsexternal link