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A disastrous trip

This story happened last May. I was heading/headed to Istanbul for my summer holiday. I was travel(l)ing with my wife. We were going on a cruise in the Mediterranean sea. The cruise started off in Istanbul and ended in Venice.

We were flying to Istanbul and we were really happy. When we arrived at the airport we walked to the control area. There, the problems started. We were Spanish, so we had to pay a tax to enter the country, but the area to pay was closed, and nobody knew why. More planes arrived and in a few minutes a lot of people started queuing. We were waiting for three hours. After paying, we went to the control area. There, the Turkish Police were serious and suspicious. They checked all the passports and all the bags. People were angry. It was awful!

Luckily, we didn't have any more problems and passed the control area. Outside the airport a bus was waiting to take us from the airport to the boat.

Although the begining of our trip was a disaster, in the end, we had a wonderful holiday!