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Course 2007-08 - Credits

Course 2007-08

Contributions by ex students:

Smoke Signals. A Review, by Carlos (ex Y5C, 2006-07; as a Y5 Englishling, Carlos also published here his part on Gandhi in the Indian Team Oral Presentation)
Rubén, an ex Y3 student, traveled to Boston and brought us tons of authentic material (leaflets, newspapers, catalogs) - We're putting together some Writing Exercises!

Some ex Y5 Students gave an Oral Presentation this year: Matilde (UK in the 50s, October 2007), MariCamen (ex Y5, 2007-08) Tasmania (from Oral Presentation in November 2007), Rosario (On San Francisco, January 2008)

Special collaboration

By teachers: Reading Club external link Theatre Club external link Film Club external link and EOI English Department Webpage external link
Ana Otto sent Useful Linking Expressions which is published in our Functional Grammar section above.

Active TP Forum members this year: ana otto, doodah, delcarbas, zyrta, Dakota, krito, Sybil, Tikk, suzie, Lady Silence, CPG, azu3Y, María, mercedes, Carole, pupil2008, dzr, clozano, beita, Lalala. Anybody can start a thread on this forum and everybody can post provided you sign up (register using a nickname & an email address-that's all).

Contributors in Y5C:

Kika sent a mini-saga about fear
Alfredo sent two amazing link to learn about the civil legal system (audiovisual!. Check out our section called The World - People
Itziar designed a listening activity with music by The Police!
CPG - A Biblical Autobiography - learn how to talk about yourself without writing "the same old composition". She was also the trigger for this Spanish into English She also sent in a mini saga about fear Links she sent: Xmus on the BBC external link Learning English website (where can I put this link?)
Gonzalo sent in an amazing link to the British Library, so we can listen to different accents in the UK
Leticia Report on a car accident

Contributors in Y5B:
Alfonso sent the following compositions: Sad Culture, The End of Innocence
Isa de Soto sent a job-application letter and a link to a Science/Nature podcast with transcripts!
Beatriz designed a listening activity with songs by Madeleine Peyroux. She also sent in a mini saga about fear
Marta sent in a very interesting 100-word piece using past tenses/modals!
I would like to thank Alberto for his tips on iPods in the classroom. I just got one now!

Contributors in Interm. 1E:
Lady Silence sent this Film Review, Rabbit-Proof Fence
sent this Film Review, Into the Wild
sent these compositions: My Ideal House, a letter
Mercedes sent a wonderful story of a holiday that changed her life, when she became part of a newly-founded NGO working for people in India.
Belén sent some sentences she uses in the primary classroom, so we could translate them into English! Check out the TP Podcast, the episode "Useful Language in the primary classroom" external link

Contributors in Interm. 1H:
Azu sent a Film Review on Isabel Coixet & Elegy