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Isabel Coixet and Elegy
by Azu (Intermediate 1H, 2007-08)

I'm going to describe the last movie that I have seen. Its title is "Elegy" and it was produced by Isabel Coixet. Isabel Coixet is a Spanish director. Her films are in English (Original Version). Anyway, you can find the film in Spanish or with subtitles. The actors who work in her films are from everywhere: Europe, the USA, Australia…

The stories of her films are very delicate and intimist human stories. The purpose of these films is for us to think about sense and sensibility. Other titles are: "Things I never told you", "A los que aman", "My life without me", "The secret life of words". She also made a short film. This short film is part of a Documentary which is entitled "Invisibles".

Elegy is a very slow story but its content is very intense. This film shows the soul the characters. It shows their fears, their values and ideas, too. The film shows the different kinds of relations: family relations and friendship. The soundtrack is slow. Its songs are very quiet (like the film). The photography of the film shows a landscape without a horizon, and small and enclosed spaces.

In my opinion, Elegy is consistent with Isabel Coixet's previous work. If do you like this director you must see the film. You'll love it!


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