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Smoke Signals
by Carlos (ex Y5C 2006-07, sent in summer 2008)

Smoke Signals   I just loved it. It tells a common story, simply one more, but it’s the way of telling it what catches your attention until the end of the film. Very well-defined characters and the soundtrack overwhelms you at any moment and it works as a unifying thread or takes you through the scenes and events. The author uses the music and the silence fantastically. Small details and symbols turn the film into a funny, passionate and tender story.

The film takes place in the Spokane Indian Reservation. Did you know that reservations exist nowadays? There’s no doubt that the story will surprise you and make you think because you don’t have the slightest idea of what it is going to tell you.

Just watch it! I don’t want to tell you more. Just that it’s easy to follow and a good chance to learn a bit more English.

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