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Our podcast has a series of episodes called "Useful Language. Letter-Writing", with language you can learn. Click on any episode and then use the tags on the blog to find the "letter-writing" episodes.

The Talking People Podcast

Content Theory & Tips Examples

Letters, their Structure and Useful Language (notes from class) It includes: Informal Personal Letter, Complaint Letter

Structure in Transactional Letters by Jose Antonio and Enrique, Y3B, 2006-07

2013-14. MF's blog: Your Writing File external links
and Getting Your Work Published external links
and Y5 Course Plan (includes Writing Schedule) external links

Useful Language in Formal Letters sorted out by Language Function
Examples in Your Stuff! > Your Texts: Formal Letters & Informal Letters
Letters to Editors Letter to Editor worddoc (2 pages) EOI Getafe website - Students' Corner - Writing Assignments - Letter-Writing external links
Business e-mails Theory and Useful Language (2013)  
Transactional Letters:

Language function: making complaints
Complaint Letters Y3 worddoc (2 pages - theory + examples)
Complaint Letters worddoc (2 pages - extra - theory + example)
Complaint Letters: Airlines & Lost Luggage worddoc (1 page)

Useful language for formal complaints

Your Stuff! > Your Texts: complaint Letters

EOI Getafe website - Students' Corner - Writing Assignments - Letter-Writing external links

Transactional Letters:
Job Applications

Language function: giving info, making requests... applying for a job!!!

Content-distribution and Useful Language for Job Application Letters external links
OWL Job-Application Letters external links tips and sample letter
Seven Tips for Effective Resume Writing
How to Write your resume/CV
Writing Europasses: CV and Language Passport

Job-hunting letters
Useful language for job-applications
Useful language for resumes/CVs

See "Thank you letters" for formal thank you letters after job-interviews.

Transactional Letters:

Language function: making requests

Inquiry Letters

Useful language for requests
Letters requesting information from Your Stuff! > Your Texts: Formal Letters
Language function: Apologising (UK) / Apologizing (U S)

Sample 100-125 word letters
Check out The World - People & Culture - Apologies Accepted for real notes and letters apologizing!
new! (2017) Email to teacher apologizing for absence. All levels: A2-C1 - Audiolisten! + Transcriptpdf file (2 pages)

Describing yourself, your lifestyle, place where you live
Language function: Giving information/Describing
  Introducing yourself, a sample letter from Your Stuff!
Helping work out a day out
Language function: Giving information (about a place you know well)
A 200-word letter to a friend and another to an acquaintance
Thank you notes
Language function: Thanking people
1 informal thank you letter for a gift and 2 formal thank you letters after a job interview plus links.
Formal thank you letters after job-interviews are used to express appreciation and strengthen your candidacy. They should be sent to everyone that helps you in any way. When sent after an employment interview, they should be mailed within 24 hours to each person that interviewed you. Be sure to reaffirm your interest in the position and to cite additional qualifications you may not have cited during the interview. You may also wish to clarify information that may not have been positively conveyed. Don't forget to send letters to people who granted you informational interviews or provided references.