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Language Function: Making Formal Complaints

I am writing to complain about a stereo that I bought from your shop last week and also about the treatment I received from one of the staff there.

I am writing to you about an unfortunate incident that took place on Monday, Dec. 12.

I have been waiting for a replacement for a whole month.

At the time, the shop assistant assured me ...

I have never been spoken to so rudely.

I hope you will offer me a complete refund or exchange the original stereo for one which is actually in a decent condition.

When we (past simple) ... we found ...
When we arrived at our hotel, we found there was no record of our reservation. To make matters worse, ...

We were extremely disappointed.

I would be grateful if you could refund the cost of the holiday as soon as possible.

I was shocked at the difference between the rooms in the hotel compared to how they were described in the brochure.

I had been promised a view of the sea, ...

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