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Speaking - Dialogues

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Ideas for Conversations

bullet Ideas 01
bullet Healthcare
bullet Housing
bullet Day-to-day Life
bullet Neighbourhood
bullet The News

love it! How to prepare good timed dialogues external link new
love it! Y5: Sample Speaking Cards external link new
love it! Av2's: Cards for textbook units 1-6 (2 pages)
love it! Speaking Tasks in B1 Andalucian EOI PUC tests new!

General Useful Language (Similar) - includes new section with Useful Language for Conversations / Interactions, with audios!
Oral Performances by Students with feedback from their teacher - some dialogs in audio!
Useful language for Talking 1 (1 page)
Y3: Beginning of B1 Course (2 pages) new
The World of Work bullet See Job Interviews  
Getting Goods & Services

bullet Games (includes Word version of some)
bullet Phone Conversations

At a Restaurant (1 page)

2 task-based activities:
bullet Looking for a flat (T1)
bullet Looking for flatmates (T2)
3 task-based activities:
bullet Flatsharing (T1)
bullet Organizing a Party (T2)
bullet Moving In - 1st Day (T3)
bullet Organizing a surprise party (with 1-page Word doc)

bullet Sharing a flat 2 - 2 tasks (1 page)
bullet Sharing a flat 3 - 3 tasks (1 page)
bullet Sharing a flat 1 (2 pages)


bullet Picking somebody up at the airport (asking for favors and descriptions - dialogue to learn)bullet A friend from Wales is coming to visit
bullet You're taking an English language course in London
bullet Meeting someone on the plane to New York
bullet On the plane to Spain
bullet Exchanging information about London airports (3 people) 

bullet London airports (1 page) Worksheet (1 page)
bullet Situations in London (1 page)
bullet At the airport: missing luggage! (1 page)

bullet Two friends from Wales are coming for a visitWord Doc (1 page) (4 people, first in pairs)